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Fan Film Friday: Cockpit: 'The Rule of Engagement'

Your Basic Home Improvement Skills and Simple Product Solutions Can Save You Thousands on Vehicle Repairs

The Craftsman® Brand Creates the Ultimate Workshop for Automotive Do-It-Yourselfers Inside the Petersen Automotive Museum's Exclusive "Vault"

Gladiator® GarageWorks to Help Indianapolis Sports Families Get in the Zone

Sneaky storage solutions

Money Matters: Do-it-yourself tips can save you on car repairs

Create DIY Projects that Stand the Test of Time with Tips from TV Expert Karl Champley

Q&A with Karl Champley, Judge of "Grant's Real Stories" DIY Contest

Kick the clutter in your garage

DIY Home Inspector Checklist: 25 Places to Watch

Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement (2010)

Everywhere we turn, we see Karl Champley

DIY Karl Does it All


Famous and not-so-famous builders

Hollywood Habitat for Humanity Cast

Not Just A Pretty Face

Granderson to appear on DIY to the Rescue

Think before you nail

Compare references, estimates when contracting for help

Knoxville News Sentinel

DIY Newsletter

The Daily Telegraph: TV hero saves hurricane gran

stainmaster.com: Creating Your Dream Recreation Room

Space Savers - Clutter is an unloved side effect on modern life.
Here's how to find more room and make peace with your stuff.

Denverpost.com "Fit": As it goes for jeans, so it goes for houses

HGTV.com: DIY to the Rescue

RIVR MEDIA: DIY Steps Up to The Plate to Take on A Major League Dilemma

Jacksonville.com: Go behind the scenes as a TV show helps homeowners complete their projects

The Sydney Morning Herald: Aussie to take US by storm

PRnewswire: Gladiator(R) GarageWorks and Karl Champley Team Up To Uncover Untapped Garage Potential
Home improvement expert offers tips and solutions for the garage

Popular Mechanics: Top 7 Ways to Use Your Home's Wasted Space

Popular Mechanics: How to Build a Cabinet Behind Your Wall


knoxnews.com: Family’s unused garage converted into cool pad for teen

CFnews13.com: DIY Crew Gives Detroit Tigers A Hand

CFnews13.com: Your Home: DIY Spruces-Up Tigers Rec Room

To the rescue: Karl Champley hosts a popular TV show that helps home owners tackle a variety of DIY projects

Karl to the rescue: Another Australian has joined the burgeoning list of expat talent to make it in Hollywood

Aussie celebrity helps Katrina victim

Hurricane Recovery/Operation Home Delivery

courant.com - TV Spotlight - Wasted Spaces

The Seattle Times - Everywhere we turn, we see Karl Champley

A Space Odyssey - Contractor Karl Champley conquers clutter on new DIY shows

ninemsn - Aussie celebrity helps Katrina victim

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